Residential Wiring Repair for Mead Homeowners


If you have been searching for a reputable electrical company for residential wiring repair in the area of Mead, WA, then you can stop searching. You need to get in touch with D and A Electric because they offer remarkable services of residential wiring repair in the Mead region.

Your electrical system can be easily taken care of by our experts serving the area of Mead. However, a technician must possess years of experience and expertise to carry out this service perfectly. The electricians working for us possess the aforementioned qualities and are also:

  • Skilled
  • Well trained
  • Proficient

Only trust an electrician who is professional to repair your electrical system. An amateur could wreak havoc and lead to an increased bill. We understand how a faulty electrical panel can put a halt to the normal routine of your life. Our dedicated experts make sure it does not happen.

Mead Home Electrical Repair Services


Our home electrical repair services make sure that they are 100% safe and secure. Our company also ensures that the electricians providing home electrical repair services in the Mead area are certified and charge prices that are easily affordable.

The assistance of a professional of home electrical repair serving Mead is critical when it comes to electrical gadgets and fittings. Besides home electrical repair services, we offer various other services to Mead residents like:

  • Residential wiring repair
  • Electrical new construction
  • Residential electrical panels

The highest quality of service is ensured by our professionals, and they treat the problem in your home as if it was their own. Only if we provide top class customer service will we be able to satisfy our customers and retain them for future references.

Trust us to restore the integrity of your electrical system.

Why Choose Us for Home Wiring Repair in Mead?


The service of residential wiring repair we provide to Mead residents should be your number one choice as we are a family owned and operated business. The experts who provide our residential wiring repair service to Mead residents know the codes and regulation related to electricity very well.

Our service for local residents of Mead is:

  • Professional
  • Never late
  • Clean up if there is any mess

Our company provides a discount of 10% to senior citizens and war veterans. Hire us and you will not be disappointed.

D and A Electric offers phenomenal services of home electrical repair to Mead residents. Dial 509-722-6333 to employ our experts of residential wiring repair.