Rewiring a House in the Tacoma Area is Best Left to Professionals


Professional home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring is important to keep your home safe and free from any faulty electrical connections that may cause a panic in the Tacoma area. Rewiring a house in the Tacoma area is a serious task that only a professional home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring company can offer.

D & A Electric is one of the top companies that offer quality home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring. We have completed numerous remarkable projects of rewiring a house in the Tacoma area.

  • We offer certified professionals that are well experienced in home electrical wiring
  • We promote high quality and efficient projects for home remodel wiring
  • Our team of professionals are well equipped for rewiring a house
  • We guarantee excellent work on any electrical services requested by residential areas

Home Electrical Wiring Services for the Tacoma Area Community


Our company is committed to providing the Tacoma, WA area community the best home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring. Our services will always keep everything running smoothly at home.

Our experts always make sure that no property will be damaged when rewiring a house, especially for home remodel wiring or home electrical wiring in the Tacoma area. We professionally do our job with combined home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring experience and the commitment of providing quality workmanship in rewiring a house.

  • Our highly experienced electricians are guaranteed experts in rewiring a house
  • The best electrical planning when it comes to rewiring a house in the Tacoma area
  • We aim for customer satisfaction in every home remodel wiring project that we do
  • We will do what is best for your house, and we will provide you an irresistibly fair offer

Why Should Tacoma Area Homeowners Choose Us for Home Remodel Wiring?


There may be more options for rewiring a house or home electrical wiring services in the Tacoma area, but only D & A Electric provides personalized home remodel wiring services.

We work well with homeowners around the Tacoma area, especially in planning home electrical wiring or home remodel wiring, before we proceed with rewiring a house. We work in rewiring a house according to the home electrical wiring codes and regulations in the Tacoma area.

  • Our home remodel wiring installation process follows the safety electrical measures
  • We make sure that no hazard will arise in the future when rewiring a house
  • We are well equipped with home electrical wiring safety facilities and information